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Why you are not successful in life.

Almost everyone in life have faced failures and no one likes being defeated or put aside by anyone. So today I share with you top 5 most common problems which I see in most people which I have encountered.

  1. Your Mindset

They say that whoever has controlled his/her mind can conquer the world. To most extent this is certainly true. You ask me…why?

The simple answer to this question is that our mind seeks infinite amount of ways to find solutions to a problem. In the end, our mind always chooses the most easiest of the solutions. The most easy thing to do in life is quitting. The main tip I would like to give you in this case is to not quit when your mind says. Failures are really a stepping stone in your life and no body knows when you will achieve success. You just gotta keep working towards your goal. Just keep thinking about your work and let the storms pass.

2. Your vision

Everyone faces problems and difficulties in life. Difficulty and problems were always a part of our lives still many people are living in this world. In true essence , they help us build ourselves more stronger each day. People think about achieving success but they never think that a man/woman will learn more from his failures. When you fail, you will surely learn something ; but when you are successful there is very little to be learnt. So the pro tip in this case is to focus on solutions other than focusing on your problems. Here our tip 1. also comes into play. Combine the both of them and you will achieve what you want.

3. Not pursuing your passion

I’ve seen many students and individuals pursuing what their parents/friends might have told them to or what they are currently doing. My question is to you that “Why would you do such a thing”. I believe that every individual has his/her own mind. They have their own personalities and interests. By being able to pursue your passion , you will turn your work into a fun/workaholic phenomenon. When you pursue what you like you will surely be more happier in life and also will achieve immense success.

4. Not working hard-er

Well, till now you might have figured out what point will follow. Actually , all these points are to read the way they are written i.e from top to bottom. So, if you have read what I said in the previous point you will surely know why you are not working hard. Well, to be successful you need to put in extra work hours. You’ll need to work when others are sleeping, watching TV, playing games etc ; basically when they aren’t working. Success won’t happen overnight and everyone of you should be motivated to get to work. When you’re motivated you will surely work harder.

5. Not cutting down people who bring you down.

Well, to be honest this is the most crucial thing when it comes to success. Human is a social animal thereby, he’s affected by other peoples thought and what other people are doing. Fellow humans sometime feel jealous and also can be very mean/supportive towards your goals as well as you’re work. The best tip, I would like to give you is to simply remove them from your social network. Yes, it will hurt or maybe you will miss them but still it’s not viable to be with people like those. Just imagine, billionaire Bill Gates hanging out with a beggar. How do you think that would go….surely Mr. Gates will leave the beggar after hanging out with it for sometime.

Well , Finally we have come to the end of this article. Always remember one thing to value your failures more than your success because they truly teach you something. Never , disrespect anyone goals and never bring anyone down.

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Thanks for reading!

I love to write and hear/read instances and make content which can be valuable to others and me.

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