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Almost everyone in life have faced failures and no one likes being defeated or put aside by anyone. So today I share with you top 5 most common problems which I see in most people which I have encountered.

  1. Your Mindset

They say that whoever has controlled his/her mind can conquer the world. To most extent this is certainly true. You ask me…why?

The simple answer to this question is that our mind seeks infinite amount of ways to find solutions to a problem. In the end, our mind always chooses the most easiest of the solutions. The most easy…


Clash of clans is a strategy building game. It constitutes of clans where at max 50 players can join and enjoy the game together. In this article, I will explain you how to build and run a successful clan from scratch.

I have returned back to the game after a very long time. I joined a FWA clan but still something was still missing. I had a dream to own a clan so I tried to make a clan. Luckily, I had a lvl8 clan which I restarted again. Though I had a level 8 clan but still the struggle was real.


I love to write and hear/read instances and make content which can be valuable to others and me.

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